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Emergency Vehicle Outfitters

Highway Safety/Construction

Emergency Vehicle Service Solutions is the area’s leading provider of amber safety lighting products and installations. With services to the construction, DOT municipal and equipment markets, there is no job to big or too small. We offer a variety of services:

  • Supply and installation of Amber Warning / Safety Lights.
  • Supply and installation of audible warning devices / Back Up Alarms, etc.
  • Custom Stylish Emergency Vehicle Service Solutions Defender Headache Racks to include your company name for advertising and exposure.
  • Fuel Tanks and Pumps.
  • Arrow and Message Boards.
  • Scene or Site Lighting.
  • Truck and Job Boxes.
  • Custom Metal Fabrication and Design.

We will work with the dealer of your choice to provide lighting solutions that can be incorporated into your new vehicle purchase.

We can do the standard or the custom. If you have an idea, we will try to provide a solution.

For field assistance and consultation, please contact us and we will have a sales rep come and visit with you.

A headache rack is mounted behind the cab of a pickup truck to protect the window, cab and people in the truck. They are also known as back racks or cab guards. Emergency Vehicle Service Solutions offers a wide variety of headache racks for different types of vehicles.

Here are some benefits of using a headache rack: 

  • Prevents your vehicle from harmful sunrays as it keeps direct heat and sunlight from reaching your rear window
  • Protects the driver and back window from being hit by objects or luggage placed in the bed of the truck
  • Offers a sleek and edgy design for your vehicle and can be easily customized
  • Convenient for loading and unloading heavy materials and assures that your load is tied down tight and secure
  • Can handle all weather conditions from scorching sunlight to freezing cold snow

We have a wide range of heavy-duty lighted racks available in different colors. Choose the one that best fits your needs. A custom-made headache rack can be good advertising and it improves the visual appearance of your truck. We provide all types of truck accessories at affordable prices. At Emergency Vehicle Service Solutions, we can customize headache racks to include your company name for advertising and exposure according to your preferences. For a consultation, feel free to contact us!