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Federal Signal

650 Siren   Cuda Tri Optics   Dynamax
os-federalsignal_650-siren.jpg   cuda tri optics   dynamax
  • Perfect for undercover, slick-top, parking/traffic enforcement, EMS and command type vehicles
  • Easy to use siren tone and light controls are built into the sirens' hand-held microphone
  • 100W siren delivers up to 60-amps of total current switching capacity
  • Rubberized push buttons mimic three-position progressive slide switch control
  • Modular plug-n-play design includes remote ON/OFF-PA volume control box with amplifier and mic/controller mounts
  • High-powered Gen III LEDs combined with superior optics for maximum light intensity
  • Water resistant housing makes the Cuda TriOptic perfect for interior or exterior applications
  • Eight built-in flash pattern choices (including steady-burn)
  • Perfect for rearview mirror, side mirror, rear deck, auxiliary side warning, and grille light applications
  • Different size light heads are available with horizontal or vertical LED configuration
  • LEDs are available in amber, blue, red, and white
  • 100-watt power in a slim and lightweight housing
  • Black finish helps to prevent corrosion and increase service life
  • Solid aluminum construction allows speaker to operate at cooler temperatures and run more efficiently than conventional speakers
  • Improved voice coil assembly provides increased product reliability
 Firebeam    LED Highlighter    Legend
fire beam   led highlighter federal   legend
  • FireBeam models available with 95FPM, 175FPM, or dual-speed rotators
  • MagnaBeam is a dual-speed, oscillating version of the FireBeam
  • Ultra-Flash (UF7) accessory produces seven, attention-getting flashes when used with FB3 light
  • Black half-dome cover prevents back flash
  • Available in 12VDC and 24VDC versions
  • Domes are available in amber, blue, clear, green, and red
  • SAE J845 Class 1 approved
  • Five year warranty on rotator mechanism
  • Incorporates ROC™ LED technology
  • Uniform 360-degree light distribution; no dark spots or shadows
  • More than twenty user selectable flash patterns
  • Easily switch flash patterns using a magnet (patent pending)
  • Synchronize or alternately flash with multiple HighLighter LED units or a variety of other LED light heads
  • Perfect in areas with “No Idle” policies
  • Variety of mounting options available
  • Low-profile, linear lightbar design offers front and rear cut-off and dimming
  • Ability to reconfigure the entire lightbar on the vehicle
  • ROC (Reliable Onboard Circuitry), eliminates approximately 85% of the potential failure points in a typical lightbar
  • New RS485 bus connection simplifies installation with only power, ground, and snap-in RJ-style connections
  • The newly optimized Solaris™ LED lights maximize warning signals at 360-degrees and 90-degree off-axis
  • Built-in SignalMaster™ directional warning
  • Advanced microprocessor controller provides three modes of operation and a selection of new pre-programmed flash patterns and two test patterns
  • Five-year LED product warranty
 MS4000    PA640   Quadraflare
ms4000   pa640   quadraflare
  • Economical, compact siren mounts virtually anywhere
  • Built-in intersection clearing feature
  • Wail, yelp, priority, manual, and air horn tones included
  • Two rugged switches control all siren functions
  • 100W SAE J1849 and Class A sound output
  • Internal programmable switching
  • Rugged four-position slide switch
  • Backlit and rubberized relay push button switches
  • Scrolling Tap II intersection clearing feature
  • NFPA 1901 and GSA KKK-E compliant models available
  • Available in solid or split-color combinations
  • Models offered with or without built-in flasher
  • Alternating, dual flash patterns in split LED models
  • Split LED models offered in a variety of color combinations
  • Independent side control on split LED models
  • Clear or color lens options
  • Available in Red, Amber, Blue, Green, or White LEDs
  • Optional headlight mount kit
  • 5-year warranty on LED components
Ricochet Strobe Pack    Rumbler   Smart Siren
ricochet strobe pack   rumbler   smart siren
  • Push-button programming of strobe heads and pattern selection
  • Program cloning feature for faster installations
  • Patented cable loom and cover protects wiring integrity
  • Ten flash patterns
  • Industry standard connectors and wiring pattern
  • Upgrades user safety and siren effectiveness
  • Can be attached to any available siren product
  • Vibrating tones provide feel with emergency warning sound
  • Vehicle specific mount brackets available
  • Ideal for use in highly populated urban environments
  • Combination electronic siren and emergency light control
  • 100/200-watt remote amplifier and control head featuring a four-position slide switch
  • Each slide switch position can be configured to operate any combination of eight replays, PA, horn ring transfer, and siren enable
  • Siren functions include wail, yelp, hi/lo, manual, horn ring transfer, radio rebroadcast, TAP II, and PA
  • Seven SignalMaster patterns available on SS2000SM Series models
  • All functions fully programmable at the point of installation
 Solaris ILS    Viper S2    Valor Lightbar
solaris ILS   viper s2   EL FS valor lightbar
  • Lightbar performance for low profile vehicles
  • Mini ILS one-piece housing reduces glare and fits snugly against the rear glass
  • Low electrical requirements reduce strain on vehicle electrical systems
  • Select high-powered 35-Watt halogen takedown lights for front headliner units
  • Solaris ILS rear system is available with eight-head SignalMaster directional
  • Rear systems are available in either headliner or rear deck mount
  • Front and rear units come with the Intelli-Flash Flasher built in
  • Each built-in Intelli-Flash Flasher provides ten selectable flash patterns and two modes of operation
  • Can use 6-LED and 9-LED Solaris assemblies with the Mini ILS system
  • Solaris LED assemblies are available in red, amber, blue, and white
  • Five year warranty on LED assemblies
  • Advanced Solaris LED reflective light technology
  • Choice of synchronized or cigarette plug styles, single or dual head models available
  • Functional push button controls both pattern selection and light head synchronization
  • Patterns can be independent, Floating, Synchronized or be reverse synchronized
  • New/Innovative built-in warning patterns (23/single head/ 25/dual head)
  • Versatile mounting bracket, suction cups and snap-on flash guard included
  • Meets SAE J595 requirements for light output
  • Available LED colors in amber, blue, red, white, or green
  Introducing Valor from Federal Signal, the first and only non-linear, low profile LED lightbar. A safer and smarter choice, Valor dramatically increases visibility, optimizes performance, and reduces risk. With its unique V-shaped design combined with Federal Signal’s Solaris LED reflectors, Valor delivers light at critical 45-degrees and 95-degrees off-axis for intersection clearing. What’s also impressive is its flexibility. SpectraLux™ provides a fully programmable range of color combinations for optimum warning capability to flood light performance.