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Code 3

3 Up 6 Up   2100   LEDX
3up 6up   os-code3_2100.jpg   os-code3_LEDX.jpg
  • No bulb replacement ever required
  • Hybrid standard optics (directional-wide-directional) in each 3-up unit
  • Hybrid standard optics (directional-wide-directional) DWDDWD in each 6-up unit
  • Directional, wide and hybrid optics available for horizontal or vertical application
  • 3-up features synchronous capability with other 3-up Optix models
  • 3-up has 5 flash patterns
  • 6-up has 21 flash patterns, including wig-wag and steady burn capability
  • Synchronous 6-up unit with 2 independently controlled 3-up LED drivers has 7 flash patterns (specify "S" for snychronous in model # when ordering)
  • When properly configured, the LED X™ 2100 complies with SAE and CA Title XIII
  • Unique LED X™ optics
  • Clear lenses and the absence of color in the lightbar produce an inconspicuous appearance
  • The lightbar can be controlled through any of the standard Code 3® switch packs or siren/switch controls
  • Perfect for motorcycle mounting
  • Excellent perimeter light for Fire/EMS vehicles
  • No bulb replacement ever required
  • Outside mirror mount available to seal the LED in the outside mirror with a rubber grommet. This option fits Ford Crown Victoria, Ford Explorer, Ford Expedition with versions coming for Chevrolet Impala and Tahoe
  • Meets and exceeds all SAE & CA Title XIII standards
 Mastercom    RLS    RX 2700
mastercom   RLS   RX2700
  • Optional 200w
  • Interclear®
  • Light alert
  • Mic jack
  • Quick disconnect
  • Serial Interface upgrades available to allow control of LEDX2100SC lightbars and accessories via the Remote Lighted Siren system
  • RLS Virtual Control Head Kit available to allow control of both the Remote Lighted Siren and the RLS serial interface system via laptop PC or MDT
  • One serial plug controls your: lightbar, siren, ArrowStik®
  • Current boost module
  • 200w option available
  • Load Manager option allows you to guard against depleting the vehicle's battery to the point that the vehicle cannot be started.
  • NightProbe® control module (model 3999)
  • Model 3997 comes standard with ArrowStik® control built into the siren's control head
  • 12 PriZm lightheads in each corner position
  • 8 LED or 3 LED directional PriZm lightheads in front and rear positions
  • 55w Halogen takedown lights
  • 35w MR-11 Alley lights
  • Easy to install LIT3 Mounting platform (included)
  • Several configurations to choose from
  • Low power Dimming mode
  • Variety of flash patterns
 Strobe Pack    Warrior   XT3
strobe pack   warrior   xt3
  • Can be used to power the following items: hide-a-way strobes, AS strobes, Perimeter lights, RVMRS, RVM1SR
  • Four and two head systems with cycle flash
  • Color or clear strobe tube systems
  • Cables can be upgraded from 15 to 20ft and 15 to 25ft
  • HCL490 includes 30' cables
  • Power supply can be upgraded from PSE460 to PSE475
  • Multiple flash patter selection standard
  • Code 3 Optix brand LEDs - larger, brighter signal
  • Choice of optics (wide is standard)
  • User-selectable flash patterns, changed at the push of a button built into the housing
  • Flash pattern memory - auto programming returns unit to last pattern selected before power was removed
  • Single or dual colors side-by-side available in 6-up Optix version
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Housing designed to reduce reflection or signal back into occupants' eyes
  • Nine foot lighter plug power cord with on/off switch
  • 10-16 volts DC
  • Low amp draw
  • Reverse polarity - protects unit from inadvertent reversal of positive/negative inputs during hardwiring
  • Easy mounting - suction cup or L-bracket
  • 5 year warranty on LEDs
  • 1 year warranty on housing
  • Twelve flash patterns
  • Clear lens with red, blue, amber, green or white LEDs